Myrtle Beach Boudoir Photography

tasteful, feminine, glamorous.

Every woman deserves to feel sexy and confident. Why not take the time to do something for yourself? It's a great way to boost your self confidence and have something to remind you how beautiful you are inside and out.

Portraits that celebrate the goddess you are.

Boudoir sessions are for ALL shapes and sizes. Be comfortable with who you are and let that confidence shine through in your images! I try to pose you in complimenting positions that help accentuate your best assets while hiding areas you may not be as comfortable with.

• I work with a professional hair and make up artist so plan to spend the first hour getting all dolled up.

• The next hour will be our photoshoot time. Relax, have fun, and we will create some really stunning portraits!

• As for outfits, bring things that can not be shared. A nice bra and panties, a sexy corset, high heel shoes... anything that personalizes your shoot for you. If you need help picking out things that will photograph well, just let me know!

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"Brooke is an amazing photographer. She took my boudoir pictures for the wedding day gift I gave my husband. She created a fun and professional environment. She helped me pick out the perfect outfits and took the time to make sure I was comfortable at all times. The photos turned out so good. I would highly recommend Brooke Christl for Boudoir photoshoots, whether as a gift for your spouse or just for yourself!"

"First off, Brooke is so easy to work with. She makes you feel comfortable from the second you meet her! She takes things at your pace, not pushy what-so-ever, and helps with posing (huge help!). She loves to be creative and works with you to attain the vibe you have in your mind. She’s a must for boudoir and honestly, any genre you need! I promise you’ll book her again!!"

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Every woman deserves to feel sexy and glamorous. If these are the kind of portraits you're looking for, then I would love to talk more with you!

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