Myrtle Beach's Original Santa Sessions

often Imitated, but never duplicated

Santa Sessions are designed to help you beat the holiday craziness and prepare your Christmas cards in advance with a unique photo shoot on the beach! Brooke Christl Photography offers mini-sessions throughout the year, including creative Easter and Valentines setups, and Santa on the Beach is the most popular of all. Below are a few things you need to know to make the most of your Santa Session. 

Tips for a successful session

We know coordinating happy kids who are camera ready can be hard and understand being a little late. For outdoor photo shoots and especially beach photography, we must schedule around the time of day we know will provide the best lighting. Mini-Sessions are designed to be quick and are scheduled with minimal time between, so you being early is considered on time for this one! Don’t worry if it’s less than thirty minutes for your entire shoot, Brooke Christl is a professional photographer and knows how to get the perfect image quickly, before the sun and sand settle in! Plan to arrive a few minutes early for your scheduled session so that we have plenty of time. Mini-sessions are scheduled back to back so if you are late it’s possible another session will be moved ahead of yours.

Arrive on time or early!

The biggest question with our summer Santa Sessions on the beach is what to wear! For beach photography sessions in August we recommend wearing swim attire to match Santa, who will be wearing his red and white stripped swimsuit and save the Christmas outfits for our Santa Plantation shoot in November. While swimwear is recommended we’ve had plenty of children wear Christmas outfits and these turn out great as well.

Dress for the season

Brooke will supply all of the necessary props for the scene, so we make it easy on you! Please arrive a few minutes ahead of your scheduled time with kids dressed for their photos and sunscreens already applied. All you need to bring is a towel and change of clothes for after. We are in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in August so it’s possible your child will get wet and definitely sandy!

What to bring

We know you love to watch Brooke in action and Santa on the Beach is even more fun than a studio shoot! We have found that sometimes the best cooperation comes when the parents are out of sight. Don’t worry if your child is scared or shy, our Santa is a trained professional and great with children. We will get the shots we need, so feel free to take a break and enjoy a quick walk on the beach or just have a seat near the dunes. We know the tricks of the trade to capture your child’s best. If you stay close but out of sight it takes some pressure off the kids but allows us to ask for your assistance if needed.

What should parents do during the shoot?

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Santa Sessions on the beach are designed to be FUN and unique. If these are the one-of-a-kind of portraits you're looking for this holiday season, then I would love to talk more with you!

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