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Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress – Amy & Kyle

At Trash the Dress sessions, all the little stresses of the wedding day are over, and it’s really a fun and relaxing session. We can take our time, go to a few different places, and just let it happen. The images we get make a very romantic last few pages to a wedding album. Trash […]

Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress for Contest Winners Jenna & Matthew

Jenna & Matthew, who won our 2009 wedding photography contest, also got a Trash the Dress Session in their package. So off we went in search of some fun…and fun we had!  Jenna is so adventurous and was ready to do anything.  She even changed the color of her hair so she could get a […]

Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress for Mandy ( & Jason too)

Yes… my beautiful bride Mandy was ready for a trash the dress session soon after her wedding.  Fun, fun fun!   They are such an adorable couple!  Just look……

Trash the Dress

Jamie’s Trash the Dress

I have had so much fun photographing Jamie — and this session was no exception!  Tooooooo fun!   These were taken during the Spring Bike Rally, so naturally, we ‘borrowed’ a bike for a few shots.  The biggest problem there is we had too many offers of bikes to use — HA HA!  Jamie, thanks […]

Trash the Dress

Angela & Brian’s Trash the Dress

SO……..the very next morning after their wedding, Angela and Brian were ready to continue our photographic adventure with a Trash the Dress session! I told you this was a fun couple 🙂 We started out easy and slowly worked our way right into the water. Yup. They were pretty wet by the time we finished, […]

Trash the Dress

Jessica & Echo

I love to try new and different things….and I LOVED doing a Trash the Dress session with Jessica and her horse Echo!  What fun!  Jessica was really great to work with.  She has been married several years, and has 2 children now…but was ready to do something fun.  She is from Kentucky, and in fact Echo […]

Trash the Dress

Trash the PROM Dress — Wooo Hooo!

3 MODELS NEEDED I had an idea 😉   Prom was last week.  Now, there are all these beautiful girls out there, with beautiful prom dresses, and nowhere to go.  You know you’ll never wear it again. COME PLAY WITH ME!!!! Lets do a Trash the PROM Dress Session!  Wow — That would be so […]

Trash the Dress

Fun with Jessica! Trash the Dress

Wow. Just can’t tell you how much fun I had playing with Jessica! She was up for anything, and we just kept seeing the best spots to try a few shots….and she’s so pretty! Adored her pink tennies, and they fit perfectly into our plans. I love doing beach Trash the Dress sessions, but it […]

Trash the Dress

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